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Por Larrañaga Panetela

Let’s be fair, who doesn’t like a bargain? Nowadays life is quite a lot easier for the bargain hunter in all of us: the web is a source of much (sometimes too much) information and we can compare prices for many products in seconds and look up opinions in just a tad longer tan that. When it comes to cigars it is undeniable that many of us look for special offers, deals and new releases with almost religious attention.

On top of that we have the suave marketing sirens telling us about how we can save even more by going for the gimmicky copy instead of the original: marketing for products like Nica Libre (vs. Padron) and the like is a classic example for this. On the Cuban cigar market this is less common. The Diplomaticos brand might have been originally seen as a cheaper alternative to Montecristo but it soon carved out a space of its own, now rapidly decreasing thanks to Habanos discontinuations. But every now and then you hear opinions and rumours of this kind. One I found out while writing my Cohiba Panetela review was that there seem to be a few BOTLs out there that considered the Por Larrañaga Panetela as a cheaper, but equally pleasurable version of the Cohibas. Since The PL Panetelas are cheapish short filler smokes I was a bit doubtful but it is always worth a try, right? Continue reading


Por Larrañaga Petit Corona, the inconsitency of Cuban cigars… and music as cigar analogy

Last year I  heard a lot of good stuff about the Por Larrañaga Petit Coronas; a great mild smoke, one of Cuba’s best cheap smokes…etc. I had never really heard much about this brand apart the name, but it sounded tempting. I almost went for a box, but since these only come in cabs of 50 I really wanted to try a few, so I grabbed a couple on-line and smoked them about a month apart from each other. I will spoil the review for you probably, but at this moment it is enough to say that while one definitely made me want to go for a whole cab, the other had serious issues with staying alight… and it made me think of the consistency of Cuban cigars.

You probably are thinking… just get on with it, we have heard it all before.. yadda, yadda, yad. Maybe… but while a lot of people see things only in black and white I tend to steer away from extreme statements. Cigar Inspector ran two interesting polls a few months back on cigar construction and taste. In both, about 50% of the people answered that a) non Cubans are constructed better but b) Cubans taste better. In principle I agree with that, but it is a simplistic view ( that is the limit of polls – still no quarrel with Cigar Inspector for running them). I see things in a slightly more complex way. Continue reading