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NUb Cameroon 466BPT

Today I am looking at another of the NUb cigars, the Cameroon 466 BPT (Box Pressed Torpedo). A couple of weeks ago I had reviewed the NUb Connecticut and I will be trying the Habano soon, covering the original NUb lineup but not the Maduro which was introduced later. (If anybody who is reading this has a couple of spare NUb Maduros you’d like to trade for drop me a line in the comments below).  On top of that later this year there should also be the release of  the much awaited and by now semi mythological NUb Miami line, so it is nice to know we have another NUb to look for.

I gave a short intro to the NUb line for anyone unfamiliar with it (probably very few, especially if  you are reading from the US) in the previous post so if you are interested in knowing more follow this link. Today instead I wanted to talk a moment about Cameroon wrappers before I dig into the review.

Cameroon wrappers have a real cult following in the cigar lover’s community. Many people, like twitteree extraordinaire Lindsay Heller (for my money her twitts are among the best and more intelligent in the Cigar twitter scene) have declared their love for this wrapper. I must admit that I have had very nice cigars with Cameroon wrapper, but also some that were thoroughly disappointing. This might have to do with the cigars themselves and not with the wrapper, but still it made me curious so I went and read as much as I could about this much sought after leaf.

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NUb Connecticut 358 – The Connecticut files, chapter 3

When it comes to non-Cuban cigars, living in Europe, and particularly in the UK, means ending up with late access -and many times none at all- to many acclaimed cigars that are coming out in the US. There are many BOTL  here in the UK that would never swap the ready availability of Habanos cigars for the variety of brands ans smokes our fellow cigar lovers across the ocean have access to. I am not one of them; although I love Cuban cigars it is the variety of cigars available that intrigues me. Luckily today there are more and more Nicaraguan, Dominican and Honduran smokes sold in Europe (Germany seems for example a lot better off than the UK in that regards)… plus there are always ways if you search (not even that) hard enough.

If like me you follow many cigar blogs from the US regularly the NUB brand won’t be news for you at all. But maybe you have just started reading about cigars or you live in a pure Cuban puros world (bad pun intended), you would like a sort introduction, so here goes. NUb Cigars came to the market in 2008; they are the creation of Sam Leccia one of Oliva’s sales reps at the time. His idea was to make a cigar that would not need a warming period once lit up, but instead hit te sweet spot straightaway. After some trials Leccia found out that a combination of large ring gauge and short cigar produced the best solution. He pitched the idea to the Oliva family who decided to produce the line. The NUb line originally was made up of three ranges: a Connecticut shade, Cameroon and Nicaraguan Habano-seed wrapper. These have become available for sale in the UK in the second half of 2009. There is also a Maduro version now, but this seemsit is not available in the UK. Continue reading