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Jerry’s mystery cigar challenge (Alec Bradley Prensado Gran Toro)

When I started to get interested in the online cigar communities I had no idea about the level of  camaraderie BOTLs can show. A while back my mate Jerry (Jdawg from the UK Cigar forums) came up with an idea challenge: he’d send me an unbanded cigar of his choice to try and write about on the blog together with a small sealed envelope containing the original band. I know the guys over at Dogwatch Cigar Radio do this on their show, so while this is maybe not 100% original, it is something I just couldn’t resist. For the first time I’ll be posting (almost) live while I smoke, updating this post every 20 minutes or so. Here we go!

23:15 Time to start, a bit later than expected after late dinner and a Skype session with my brother, but ready to go. The cigar is approximately toro sized, with a marked box pressed shape. It has a dark, almost maduro, reddish wrapper, slightly oily, with almost no veins and a decent double cap. At first look it reminds me of a RP Decade, but comparing them side by side this is a lot more reddish and not as dark. Once cut the draw is slightly tight and the aroma is cocoa, almost like in a maduro, but with marked cloves notes. From the shape cap and pre-draw I am pretty sure this isn’t a Cuban. Continue reading


Alec Bradley Tempus Quadrum

Alan Rubin has been producing cigars since the late ’90s through his company Alec Bradley (the first names of his two sons), but until 2008 none of his cigars had been commercialized explicitly under the brand name. Things changed dramatically when in early 2008 Rubin launched the Alec Bradley Tempus, carrying the brand name on the cigar band for the first time and pushing the already well-established company in the cigar makers elite.

Launched in 6 formats, plus the limited signed production Magistri (a figurado – only 1000 boxes where made of this in 2008) the Tempus range quickly gained recognition, with Cigar Aficionado giving impressive scores between 88 and 94 to the whole range and recognizing the Tempus Centuria as one of its 2008 top 25 cigars (albeit at place 25). Continue reading