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Camacho SLR Monarca – Quick Puffs

Time runs lately and I can’t believe it is a week since my last post. I have been somewhat sidetracked by work and I suspect my boss would not accept blogging as an excuse for not meeting deadlines. Still, I have quite a few reviews waiting to be written and hopefully I will manage to put them up soon. Meanwhile another quick puffs review of a Camacho cigar, this time the SLR Maduro.

Camacho SLR Maduro Monarca

Length: 5″

Ring: 50

Price: This format of the SLR Maduro only comes in a Camacho sampler sold by one of the large on-line sources in the US. Other formats go for around 7-8$ in the US, 5.50-7€ in Germany. Not sold directly in the UK.

Wrapper: Connecticut Brodeaf Maduro

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Honduran Corojo

Smoking Time: 50′

Body: Medium/Full

Cigars smoked: one

Notes: Nice looking wrapper, almost vein free, but quite toothy. Feels nice and packed but has one hard spot and a couple of soft spot – all small which should not give issues. The start has a fair amount of pepper, a marked sweetness and a vegetal/acidic note, almost like Earl Gray tea. Form the smoking point of view this is certainly a very well constructed smoke: perfect burn, draw is slightly loose and the amount of smoke abundant, although by far not as impressive as with the Corojo I reviewed a while back! From the midway point the taste becomes more woody and less peppery, the notes of tea slowly disappear making room for some coffee. The burn is good throughout, but quick-ish. Although this is not a very complex cigar, it definitely is a solid well made cigar. It has some things in common with its pure Corojo brother, but is more toned down, which makes this a more balanced smoke IMO. Score: 87


Cubao No.6 – Quick Puffs

Today’s quick puffs smoke is the Espynosa y Ortega Cubao No.6. Blended by Pepin Garcia and rolled in his Nicaraguan factory, these are generally considered a typical example of Don Pepin’s spicy cigars. I’ve been dying to try one after the great feedback around the blogsphere.

Cubao No. 6

Length: 5 1/2″

Ring: 52

Price: around 5-7$ in the US, depending if you buy a box or singles. As far as I know these are not on sale in Europe

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Smoking Time: 75′

Body: Full

Cigars smoked: one

Notes: Nice looking cigar, the wrapper is almost vein free and oily. Like other Oscuro wrappers the colour is a bit rustic, but not unusual. It has a nice weight, packed with no soft spots, without being hard. It starts with a spicy blast, although more red than black pepper (which seems to be commonly associated with Don Pepin’s cigars); soon that mellows out  bit and gains some earthy notes and a touch of sweetness. The draw is a tad tight to start but after 5 minutes it opens up and is perfect they way through. The middle is still spicy but more complex with cocoa, caramel and a touch of wood/leather which picks up quite a bit towards the end. In the last section the spice is sweeter (nutmeg, cinnamon) and there is essentially no pepper left. The burn, although not very thin, is essentially without fault, the ash solid and long. Apart the middle section, the Cubao No.6 is not terribly complex but it is a very enjoyable smoke throughout, especially if you like the spice and leather profile. Having heard even better things about the No.3 (a Lancero), I’ll probably try to get my hands on some of these next. Another great smoke from Espinosa y Ortega and Don Pepin. Score: 90.