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There’s many things that make coming back home after days spent on the rad for work great: my family, my bed cooking the simple food I like. Yesterday, coming back after a few days in Finland I had a little extra something to make my return even sweeter, a bomb from a fellow BOTL:

Thanks to Yiorgos fro for the cigars, really appreciated!


I’m so excited….

… and I just can’t hide it! Just went to the post office to collect a package which they couldn’t deliver yesterday. Opened the box and I found these beauties… not all for me though, I’m sharing these with a few BOTLs. Still, I look forward to trying what should be one of Padron’s best ever cigars and CA’s cigar of the year!

A souvenir from across the pond

It’s nice to be back to the blog after the last three days spent attending a large work meeting. Not that the meeting was bad, but these sort of things leave little time for anything else. So while I finish writing up a couple of reviews for the next days I just wanted to post a couple of pictures of cigars I had waiting for me when I got back home.

These were brought back from the US by my little brother. I had given him quite a long list of choices he could pick up on his trip to the East coast and I am really happy he brought these back , though a couple of Tatuaje to go with them would have been perfect (I am just being a moaning bitch now!).

The other cigars waiting for me were these Camachos from a trade with a fellow US BOTL (thanks jdawg!). While I have had plenty of Cubans and Nicaraguan and a decent share of Dominican cigars, I haven’t tried a lot of quality Honduran smokes yet, so I am really looking forward to these.

See you tomorrow with a new review.