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Tambo Petit Corona – Quick Puffs

It is not very often that you get to smoke something unusual in the world of cigars; the bulk of the smokes out there mainly comes from the 4 main producing countries (Cuba, Dominican Rep., Nicaragua and Honduras). You get the occasional tobacco leaf thrown in from countries like Ecuador, Mexico, Cameroon, the US, Brazil –for wrappers, but not only- Indonesia –mainly binders and the odd filler leaf from places like Peru, Costarica, and so on. I’ll admit that this is a rough generalization, but you rarely see Ecuadorian puros out there. So when I got the chance to get my hands on an Indonesian puro I just couldn’t pass. The cigar in question is sold under the brand Tambo and is made from all Indonesian tobacco grown in the island of Tambolaka. It is ironic that I need to stress that the tobacco is actually from Indonesia, but as with Cameroon wrappers, the name Indonesian or Sumatra tobacco is used to describe the variety of the leaf and not where it comes from and nowadays a large part of the so called Sumatra leaf comes from Ecuador. These were kindly provided by Ferydegiri, who is the exporter for Tambo Cigars, to some of the members of the UK cigar forum, so thank you for the opportunity to test these. Continue reading