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Cigar Review Rag brings you my unbiased opinion on the cigars I smoke plus the occasional non-review cigar related rambling. As with any reviews, be it mine or Cigar Aficionado’s, these reflect the opinion of who writes them and in no way do they intend to offend or demean anyone else’s preference. To me cigars are a passion and a pleasure; what they are not is a status symbol or something to make a statement, look cool, etc. My philosophy with cigars as with any other thing involving taste is as democratic as it comes, i.e.anyone is entitled to their opinion (as I see it, you are also entitled to defend this) and this blog tries to reflect this.

Why “Cigar Review Rag”? The name started as a joke with a friend talking about possible names for a blog. I wanted something to reflect the content (cigar reviews) and my mate kept banging on newspaper related names like Daily, Gazette, etc. Given the democratic approach I mentioned above I wanted something more down to earth. Tabloid would have done it, but I hate the name, so in the end I decided for a slightly more self-deprecating “Rag”… after all you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.

Most of the cigars reviewed here have been bought from reliable sources or acquired by trade from other BOTLs (especially the Non Cuban ones). If you want to send me  a sample you’d like me to review, I will be happy to accept these (simply get in touch using the contact form below) as long as it is accepted that these will be reviewed honestly. I can promise is that for me price, reputation, origin (the old Cuban vs. Non-Cuban) don’t play a role. I will tell it how I see it.

Welcome and enjoy!


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