Perdomo Habano Maduro Robusto

A while back I received a sampler of Perdomo cigars from a US BOTL. I was pretty curious to try them and had originally planned to smoke them quite soon… which didn’t really happen. As many of my plans, this was diverted as I got interested in other cigars, then some more… and more. In part it also has to do with the slight disappointment in the Lot 23 Maduro I smoked a while back.

Having said that, even the slight Lot 23 disappointment didn’t change my opinion of Perdomo as a brand: solid every day cigars, well made, enjoyable and interesting though not terribly complex. Maybe I am doing a disservice to Perdomo cigars here. I haven’t tested their top end smokes yet (Edicion de Silvio, Patriarch) so maybe there are complex blow-your-head-off cigars in the range. Having said that, I don’t think there is anything wrong in making cigars that are reasonably priced and good, even if they don’t win prizes: so kudos to Perdomo Cigars for what they offer.

The Perdomo Habano range was released in 2008  in the Maduro wrapper I am testing today and a Corojo one. There is also a Connecticut wrapper Habano that has been added top the line later. As the name suggests these are made with Cuban seed tobacco though it would be a stretch to say they remind of Habanos puros but rather are inspired, to quote Perdomo’s website, “by the dream of one day making cigars in Cuba”.

Perdomo Habano Maduro Robusto

Length: 5”

Ring: 52

Price: between 5-7$ for singles. The best price I could see for a box of these online is 80$. As far as I know, these are not sold in Europe.

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua

Smoking time: 55 minutes

Body: Medium

Cigars smoked: One

Appearance and pre-smoke

The most noticeable thing of the smoke is with little doubt the band. Elaborate and big. Normally such bands, and the extra foot band, annoy me for being overkill, but here they work maybe because of their quality. Still, it’s all wrapping so to better observe this Nicaraguan Puro.

The wrapper is a little rough and not particularly oily, but that is not that uncommon in maduros. What is more noticeable is that there is a strong colour discrepancy between foot and head of the cigar. There is one medium vein, but again, nothing major. The only slightly worrying thing is 5-6 soft spots along the length of the cigar, which might cause burn issues.

The wrapper has a Cubanesque smell, but at the foot cocoa and resin notes Once cut the draw is loose with a little resistance and the taste is pretty similar to the smell at the foot, with a bit of extra spice.


There’s very little to say here – which is good. The burn is almost picture perfect (no problems from the soft spots) as is the draw throughout. The amount of smoke is very good and the ash remains pretty long, although it is a bit flaky, so maybe not one for the car.


It starts a bit slow, but rapidly there are clear mocha noted on a spicy background (pepper more than Nicaraguan spice). About halfway through the first section the smoke changes, becoming nutty with some toasted notes ad again spice, but it also becomes very dry almost tannic.


The middle really is the soft spot for this smoke.The spice is still there, although there is less of it, but the dominant notes are wood and leather, with nutty and mocha hints and from about the halfway point there is a marked vanilla note on the finish


The last part of the cigar remains pretty similar to the middle section although wood and leather are stronger and there is more coffee. I smoke this to about the last inch, after which it goes unpleasantly hot.

Worth it?

The Perdomo Habano Maduro is pretty much they way I described Perdomo cigars in the opening of this post. Well made, interesting, pleasant to smoke, but not a prize winner. For me this single cigar scored an 85, which might have been 1-2 points higher had it not been for the very dry bit near the foot. If I was looking for an everyday smoke and had these as choice, I would certainly pick 5-10 sticks, though maybe not a box (but that’s just my short interest span)… though with so many other Perdomo sticks to try, maybe I will wait a bit.

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