Burns Supper & Haggis… a real Cigar lover’s food

Every year Scots celebrate the birthday of their national bard, Robert Burns, with a traditional Burn’s Supper. The traditional centerpiece of the meal is the much maligned Haggis, entering the room at the sound of  Burns’ poem “Address to a Haggis” (in fancy and tourist places at the sound of bagpipes) and accompanied by a good dram of whisky.

Although I am not Scottish myself, I wanted to pick up the Saltire and explain 5 reason why the Haggis is a perfect food for Cigar lovers:

1. Forget what you might have heard about the Haggis’ taste. The main taste of Haggis is a long spicy pepper flavour… just like your favourite full bodied smoke!

2. As cigars, the cutting of the Haggis has its own ceremony with special tools and ritual concentrated silence

3. Cigars and Haggis like some of the same drinks: whisky and rich powerful ales.

4. A Haggis has a filler (sheep pluck and spices), a binder (oats) and a wrapper (the pig’s stomach)… plus it needs to be cured for the right amount of time… sounds familiar?

5. While you can enjoy Haggis on your own, it is really a meal to be eaten with close friends… just like your cigar Herf!

… oh and by the way, for our readers in the US, the Haggis really is an animal 😉


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