Bloggers top 10 Cigars of 2009?

So Cigar Aficionado’s list of 2009 top 25 cigars is out, and so is the on-line community jury. Out of curiosity I decided to take a few “top of 2009” lists published by bloggers, put them together and see how much the opinion of the blogging community differs from that of the established official press.

The lists I picked come from the cigar blogs I regularly visit and does not pretend to be exhaustive of the entire cigar blogsphere, but hopefully it is enough to be significant. Still, if you published a similar list on your blog and would like me to add it to the mix, let me know; I’ll be more than happy to do so.

The “top of 2009” lists I picked are the following: three from the Stogie Review (Don Cruz’ado’s, Walt’s and Brian’s), Cigar Inspector’s best non-Cubans, Smoking Stogie’s best Non-Cubans and Keeper of the Flame’s, StogieOne’s and A Cigar Smoker’s best of 2009. On each of these lists the top cigar got 10 points, the second 9 and so on till 1 for number 10 (A cigar smoker’s list has 15 places and I only took the first 10). I didn’t use the 2 Cuban Cigar’s lists available (from Cigar Inspector and Smoking Stogie) as none of the other blogs looked at Cubans. What came out of it? Is it a lot different from CA’s list? Let’s see the joint top 10:

From 10th to 4th place the differences in votes are minimal as only 2-3 blogs had these in their list.

10. Illusione hl with 11 votes;

9. EP Carillo Edicion Inaugural with 12 votes;

8. Padilla Signature 1932 with 13 votes;

6. shared Tatuaje Gran Cojonu and Davidoff Colorado Claro with 15 votes;

5. My Father by Pepin Garcia with 16 votes;

4. Tatuaje Noella Reserva with 18;

The last three instead score a lot higher.

3. Illusione Epernay with 28 votes

2. CAO La Traviata with 35 and

1. Padron Family Reserve 45th Maduro with 36 votes.

How does it compare to CA’s list? It’s interesting that Padron’s 45th Maduro is on top of both. Nonetheless, apart that only another 3 cigars are on both lists: the Illusione Epernay (CA’s place 19), Padilla 1932 (CA’s place 22) and the My Father (no. 3 on CA’s list). What is certainly striking is how high these blogs rated CAO’s La Traviata and it’s absence from CA’s list. Cigar Inspector brings some insight to this in this post: apparently La Traviata didn’t make it in time to be considered for the list as well as the Cohiba Gran Reserva (which explains the surprising exclusion of this much talked about Cuban too). As Gregory Mottola (CA’s associate Editor) explains on their forum:

“Due to printing deadlines and time constraints, our Top 25 list only included ratings up to the October 20th issue of Cigar Insider. High-scoring cigars like CAO’s La Traviata, Alec Bradley Prensado, and the Cohiba Gran Reserva were all rated after our cut-off point and will be considered for next year’s roundup.”

Well, if these three cigars make it on the 2010 list I can’t say I’ll be surprised.

Another thing that struck me looking at these list from my fellow bloggers is none of Sam Leccia’s Cain cigars is in ony of those lists. Considering the hype this stick generated in the blogging community I was quite surprised by its absence. A contender for overhyped stogie of the year?
Till the next review folks!


6 responses to “Bloggers top 10 Cigars of 2009?

  1. Great job and thanks for including

  2. Likewise, thanks for including Stogie1.

  3. Very cool list. I’d love to be included next year!

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