Hoyo du Maire… production date unknown?

During the Christmas break in Germany, I picked up a yellowed 5-pack of Hoyo du Maire from a small tobacconist with a small but interesting stock of aged cigars. As with all Habanos cardboard packs, unfortunately there is no indication of the date of production; I suspect the cigars were aged by accident (i.e. unsold) rather than on purpose, but it still made me curious about their age. (In  case you are wondering, I havent smoked any of these yet. Being a bit on the dry side, they will need some time in my humidor before I give them a go.)

I tried finding out more about these from Cuban Cigar’s Website Hoyo pages, but according to the information there the Hoyo du Maire carried no band before 2002, and after that they started being banded with the modern Hoyo de Monterray band (see here for a pic, again from CCW). I suspect these might be one of the early banded versions from 2002 or thereabouts, but if anyone has a better idea of the production date I’d love to hear what you think. More pictures below, to help you:


6 responses to “Hoyo du Maire… production date unknown?

  1. Got one epicure as a present yesterday. I will leave it to get a bit aged in the humi and I’ll enjoy it in couple of months…

  2. Hi,

    I think the du Maires you have there are post-2005. 5 packs were only released in 2005.

    • Thank you for the information Yorgos. I didn’t know about the 5-packs; I looked for that information around the web, but without luck… where did you find that? (Mee Ron’s book maybe?)

  3. Can’t wait to try mine…!!!
    Well done Yiorgos 🙂

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