Cigar Info Websites

I recently added a group of links to webpages that deal with information on cigars. I am sure that most of these are known to anyone interested in the cigar-related portion of the web and need no introduction. Instead I wanted to take this chance to talk about one of the links on that list, a great example of why the web – even with all the crap out there – is such a great place.

The website I am talking about is none other than Trevor’s Cuban Cigar Website.

If you think that the greeting “The best Cuban Cigar Reference Website available” that you find on the opening page sounds smug, you couldn’t be any further. Trevor’s page really IS the best source of Cuban Cigar information out there, way better than the Habanos site ever will be. The amount of information on brands, and their history is unsurpassed and the news section is probably the one I follow most. Some might not like the simple graphic interface, but I actually appreciate it as a sign that this is a website were facts are the important stuff, not packaging and fancy effects. But the thing that makes me appreciate this webpage even more is that it is not only non-commercial, but it does not even carry any adverts of sort, which is quite a rare find today.

And if Trevor ever drops by and reads this, there is just one thing to say: Thanks for the fantastic job mate!


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